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Franky's Friends

Franky's Friends

Why We Run

On November 04, 2017, we will be participating as a team in the 10th Annual Phoenix Undy Run/Walk!

It's been a long 3.5 years without our leader of this team, Frank. We all miss him and know that he is right here with us. This is the 8th year of Franky's Friends and I'd like to invite you to join me as I honor Frank by walking in the Undy Run Walk this year.

I'd love for you to join me and the team for the beautiful 3.2 mile walk through downtown Phoenix by clicking the "Join Team" button on the right. And if you are unable to join us, please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Franky's Friends team by clicking on one of the dollar amounts on the right. Every penny helps fight this horrible disease.

Thank you for all of your support for the last 8 years to the Franky's Friends Team!!


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