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Brittany Knapp

Brittany Knapp

No Colon Still Rollin!! In 2017 I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of pre cancerous polyps. I had hundreds of them beginning to cluster. The doctors told me it was a matter of time it would turn into colon cancer (if it wasn't already). Knowing I had a 3 year old at the time who needed his mom I decided to take aggressive action. I decided to have my entire colon removed robotically and reconnect the small intestine to the rectum resulting in not having to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of my life . My surgery was 6/6/17. The surgeon told me we acted in time since it only takes 1 polyp to test positive to be considered full blown colon cancer . All lymph nodes were negative. Talk about being thankful! After the surgery, I developed a major infection from a rare complication. I ended up back in the hospital for 9 days fighting the infection and fighting for my life. Once I was stable, I was able to go home with IV nutrition , antibiotics and drain in my stomach. I was nervous as to how my son would react at such a young age. To my surprise ,he was so supportive and accepting. He even reminded me when it was time for my "food milk" as he called it. Everyday I had to hook myself up to nutrition and antibiotics. My son was my strength to pull me through and each day I fought to be here for him. I had wonderful support from family and friends who I am beyond grateful for! I would pray everyday "god please keep me here and let me get healthy again. My son needs me and I need him. I promise if you let me make it through this I will share my light with everyone and help as many as I can!" Everyday I would say this,cry this and promise this! Well here I am today....alive! I survived! Because of preventative screenings it saved my life and has saved many lives! So I am keeping my promise to spread my light and help as many as I can. I recently became a health coach for New Jersey sharing awareness of preventative medicine and how important it is! This is truly my passion. Please help me raise money for research and to help families as they go through this preventativable diagnosis! Get your preventative screenings done it saves lives!! Xoxo


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