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Welcome to my "Dress in Blue Day" Page

Carol Coffey

Carol Coffey

Dear Friends & Family,
Thank you so much for visiting my 2019 'Dress in Blue Day' fundraiser page! I will be fundraising in honor of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, this March 2019; and again for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life (as we have done in previous years along with an amazing group of youth & their families). Your support means alot to me. I have been very blessed to have such terrific friends & family supporting me throughout my own battle with colon cancer. Thirty three years ago, when I lost my Grandma to colon cancer there were no where near the options available to battle this disease as there are today - we are making progress. Tomorrow can't wait, every minute counts - like they say in the colon cancer world - 'Get Your Rear in Gear'. We all know & love someone who has been affected by some form of cancer - we must fight the battle together! Join my "Kicking It F⚽️R Cancer" team today and/or donate if you can; plus, be sure & wear BLUE on March 1st, 2019 & throughout March! Each & every person can make a difference! Together, we can "Kick Cancer's Butt" & end this disease within our lifetime. Thank you again for all your support & L💙VE!!!
Carol ⚽️💙⚽️


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