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Help Penny Stay DEAD!

Kasie Holle

Kasie Holle

Why I Run

In 2011, my beautiful husband was diagnosed with Stage 3C Colorectal Cancer... at the age of 34. That started a whirlwind tour of chemo, radiation, surgeries, clinical trials, pulmonary embolisms, and a definite change in our lifestyle.

We were lucky. We recently celebrated 22 years of marriage and 7 years since his last treatment.

Who is Penny? Penny is the name we gave his tumor when we were both delusional from the stress. We gave it a name so that we had something to direct our anger and frustration at. "Kill Penny" became the slogan to keep us going. Penny ultimately was removed, but we need to work to keep her dead and keep my husband and those like him healthy.

Help us support a cause so close to us and help support the cancer that affects more people than any other.


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