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Christy's Cool Cohorts

Christy's Cool Cohorts

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Why We Run ... On March 21, 2020, we will be participating as a team in the St. Louis Undy RunWalk! This will be the 10 year anniversary of my diagnosis which was on March 25, 2010. Please support my team's involvement in the Undy RunWalk with a tax-deductible donation. Your support will help us end colorectal cancer and save lives. Or even better, join the team by clicking the Join team button or this link! fundraise.ccalliance.org/2020-stlouis-undy-runwalk/Account/Register?teamid=121236


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1. Enid Waldvogel
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4. Burgdorf and Associates
Happy 10 year my friend!!!
5. Mary R Ferguson
Hope the cancellation doesn't affect your fundraising; good luck! Stay well.
6. Judy Davis
Thanks MOM!