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BBu Beats Cancer

Benjamin Burgin

Benjamin Burgin

Why I Run

I am running in the \Washington DC ScopeItOut 5K on March 29, 2020 at Freedom Plaza.  As a colorectal cancer SURVIVOR this is a very personal event for me.  I am running:

(1) to celebrate the ONE-year anniversary of my final chemo treatment.  Praise God!  I've enjoyed a NED (no evidence of disease) status since that date! 

(2) to claim VICTORY over cancer and demonstrate to myself, to my committed caregiver Jennifer, and to the many others who supported my treatment journey, a successful return to running - one of my passions that was disrupted by this terrible disease. Those effected by cancer know that even the most basic activities must be modified while undergoing treatment. I'm blessed to be stronger than ever!

(3) to connect with the broad community of other cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors.  I want to draw inspiration and encouragement from their stories and share my own in hopes of doing the same.  We are #StrongerTogether. 

(4) to raise awareness.  My cancer diagnosis at age 36 was an absolute SHOCK.  Research shows that colorectal cancer is more prevalent in 30 & 40 year olds than ever before. Early detection was key to my healing journey. It's never too early to take preventative measures and look for the signs.

Please consider supporting my involvement in ScopeItOut with a tax-deductible donation. Your support will help us prevent colorectal cancer and save more lives, like mine!  

For more information on ScopeItOut, please visit scopeitout.org or the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's website at CCAlliance.org. 

Thank you for visiting my ScopeItOut page!


Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced a redirection changing the ScopeItOut to a ScopeItIn I decided to complete my own independent 5k exercising appropriate social distancing! I ran on the morning of March 29th and did my best to imagine the community and cheers that would have occurred if the event happened as planned.

After My Independent #ScopeItIn 5k


raised of $1,000 goal

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Congrats and thank you for sharing the inspiration to others how to work through the diagnosis all the way to the other side of it. May you and your wifey be ever blessed!
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Go Ben go!
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