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Sondra Lazer

Sondra Lazer

Why I Run

I am participating in the \Washington DC ScopeItOut 5K on March 29, 2020 at Freedom Plaza.

Our daughter-in-law, Sarah Lazer was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of stage IV colon cancer in October of last year. Since being diagnosed, she has been undergoing bi-monthly chemotherapy treatments through Johns Hopkins. So far Sarah has been responding well to treatment and is determined to fight this disease with everything she has.

On March 29, we will be walking with Sarah in support of her and all those who have been affected by colon cancer. Please join us in March, or make a donation, to help support Sarah and find a cure for this horrific disease.
Sondra and Jeff Lazer


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1. Mary Anderson
Hello Sondra--Sorry it took me awhile to get back to your site! Am so sorry to hear this. Would love to get together for some biking this spring and catch up!
2. Deborah Castellucci
My ongoing prayers are with Sarah & your whole family as she faces this enormous challenge. She is fortunate to have you and Jeff as her support team!!
3. Jacki & Deb
All our love and prayers.
4. Elizabeth Culver
Praying Sarah is able to win this battle.
5. Bonnie Bowling
6. Sondra Lazer
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