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Kurtzie's Kooks

Kurtzie's Kooks

Why We Run

Hello CTN Nation. No one embodied the wonderful spirit of CTN more than Jon Kurtz. A true original. Hilarious goofball. Showman. Class act. Loyal friend. And now it’s time to dial up the ruach for him. Kurtzie is facing a battle with colon cancer. Michael O.C. Strauss, David Kope Koplan and I (with enthusiastic support from others including Berk; Bean; D.Kopman; Otter and others) are putting together a team for this 5K walk/run.
- Please don’t use Facebook/social media to discuss this, at least at this point. But please do spread the word via email.
- We plan to organize a dinner in DC Saturday night. More info to come, including suggestions on hotels.
- There should be no pressure to donate. Yes, we absolutely want to raise money for this cause. But more importantly we want to show Kurtzie our love and support.


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Stay strong, Kurtzie.
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Because you're handsome ;)
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With love and support. Karen, Drew, Zack & Reid