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I Miss You Andrew - I'm Still Fighting

Lori Lloyd

Lori Lloyd

Why I Run

Imagine 48 years old thinking life is good—actually life is great. Finally, after struggling with addiction celebrating your 3 year anniversary of sobriety and hearing the words you have stage IV colon cancer – shock, disbelief, anger, sadness. For many reaching for a drink might be the first thing we’d think of to dent this reality of just being handed a potential death sentence. My brother, Andrew, sought another path to journey—that was to FIGHT. His mission was to eradicate this horrible menace not only for himself but for everyone. He was diagnosed in May 2012. Everyone and anyone who ever had the opportunity to meet him understood just how hard he fought to overcome this disease. His journey finally came to an end June 8, 2017 at age 53.

It’s only been 3 years and his quest continues to eradicate a disease that can be CURED, a disease that can be PREVENTED, and a disease that can be ENDED in our lifetime.

Let us rally as a community around the Colorectal Cancer Alliance by supporting TEAM ANDREW.

Lori Lloyd – Andrew’s big sis and bestest friend

Also, spread the word and please join us for any of these Team Andrew fundraising events in Warrenton, VA:

Friday March 6th @ 6 pm @ OLD TOWN ATHLETIC CLUB for a 45 minute long donation based spin class and wine and cheese social afterwards.

Thursday March 26th @ BLUERIDGE SEAFOOD for great food; great drink and great fun!

Friday, March 27 @ 4:30 @The Farm Brewery and Winery for a 60 minute donation based yoga class by Transform Power Yoga in Haymarket, VA


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Recent Donations

1. Andrew Smith
Love the entire Lloyd family and all they do for such a great cause! Everyone help support Team Andrew!
2. Nancy Chang
You are carrying on the fight in a beautiful way!
3. Kevin Murphy
Miss you everyday guy
4. A Lu
Keep fighting Lolo, Brandon, Turkey, Sambo Dr. Lloyd and everyone on team Andrew! We love you guys! -the Luceros
5. Lori Lloyd

Team andrew