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Jennifer Ruchti

Jennifer Ruchti

Why I Run

Wyn and I are participating in the Washington DC ScopeItOut 5K on Sunday, March 29, 2020 at Freedom Plaza to honor Gregory Ruchti. Please join us!

Last year this team raised over $11,000 towards colorectal cancer research. We had 102 runners and walkers and even earned "Rookie of the Year". We had family and friends come from all over the world to support us. That day was so important to us will forever be a wonderful memory.

Greg could not believe the overwhelming support he received from family and friends. Though he was in a wheelchair for the race, he RAN the last few yards and did so with a smile on his face. Honestly, he did so much with a smile on his face. He never ceased to amaze me.

Greg died only a month and a half after this race happened. Wyn and I weren't sure if we could handle participating this year. The memories are too fresh, too raw. Our hearts still too broken. That said, we've decided to put the team back together, as they say.

Greg and I spoke two years ago about Wyn and I participating in the years that followed his passing and this is to honor him. This is to honor the family and friends that came out and finally had the chance to show the love and support they were feeling in their hearts. JOIN US. You can run, you can walk, you can sit and home and just look at pictures of Greg, you can join for the after party, whatever you do...spend the day thinking of Greg. Remembering a time when he made you laugh.

Here are the details, updated as we get closer to the day:

8:30 Opening Ceremony (perhaps we meet as a group around then, before then)
9am Race Begins
10:15 Closing Ceremony
11:30ish After Party at Bar Taco in Mosaic

If you have your shirt from last year, wear it. If not, here is a link for some fabulous smiling colon apparel:
The official color is blue, but you do you.


raised of $250 goal

Recent Donations

1. Jenny Ruchti
Dear Jenny and Wyn - You both are in our thoughts and prayers as you honor the anniversary of Greg's passing. What a wonderful example of grace and courage he set for all of us!
2. The Tippets Family
We love you!
3. Jennifer Pursley
In memory of Greg, and you two are amazing to continue this in his honor!
4. Allison Gale

Team Colorective Soul