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In Memory of My Mom, Carol Tucker

Ginger Lamb

Ginger Lamb

Why I Run

My Mom passed away on February 15, 2019, from Stage IV rectal cancer. She was diagnosed last summer and taken from us way too soon at the age of 77. If it had been detected sooner, the outcome could have been different.

That's why I'm participating in the Chicago Undy RunWalk on June 1, 2019 with Team #ItsCurable at Lincoln Park South Fields - to help raise more awareness of colon cancer and to encourage others to get checked early.

Please support my involvement in the Undy RunWalk with a tax-deductible donation. Your support will help us prevent colorectal cancer and save lives.

Or even better, join the team by clicking the "Join Team" button!


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In loving memory of my Babe. Love and miss you, Ronnie XO
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