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Remembering Tracey

Jay Nadas

Jay Nadas

Why I Run

I have been participating in the Chicago Undy 5k since we started it with Team Walgreens. I want to say thank you to someone who was invaluable to the launch of this wonderful event; Tracey Goldstein. Tracey passed away earlier this year, and will be missed dearly. For those who knew her, Tracey was known for taking on almost any cause as her own. She was involved in many different aspects including leadership roles with many different organizations. For the Undy run, she was instrumental in helping with the detail work that was needed to organize such an event.

This is the 5th official Chicago Undy and this year I’m running in memory of Tracey. I’m running for all allies that have assisted with supporting this cause. I’m running to encourage others to be allies like Tracey. I’m running so we all can live healthier lifestyles to prevent illnesses such as colorectal cancer.

If you can, please support my involvement in honor of Tracey Goldstein and her memory and her dedication to helping launch the Chicago Undy RunWalk with a tax-deductible donation. Your support will help us prevent colorectal cancer and save lives. Please also feel free to join my team or other teams and run with us in person!


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