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Yarnell Johnson

Yarnell Johnson

As many of you know, over the last two years I have undergone surgeries and treatment for Colon Cancer. While I am grateful to have a “clear” scan, many others will never be so lucky. Colorectal Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths, but is 90% preventable. That is why I am asking you to donate to help end Colorectal Cancer.
Like me, 82% of early onset patients were initially misdiagnosed. After more than 5 years of doctor visits, I was diagnosis with Stage 3B Colon Cancer in September of 2017. Several surgeries, 8 rounds of Chemo treatments and host of setbacks and challenges, I am thankfully currently showing no evidence of disease. Now as an ally with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, together we are striving to help people get screened, caring for those impacted by the disease, and funding research for a cure. They even have a program dedicated to young-onset issues for people diagnosed under 50. 1 in 23 people will find themselves in my shoes. You can help by donate to my AmBASHador fundraiser today because tomorrow can’t wait.
Please will you give today in support of my position as an AmBASHador with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance?

Together we can make a difference!



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