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In honor of Art C. Dean | 1941 ~ 2018

Created by Mary Dean

Art C. Dean

Thank you for visiting. Because this cause has become a uninvited member of our family, we want to support any cause that supports the fight of bringing an end to Colorectal Cancer.

Cancer never stood a chance against him. We know it wore down his body. I know it exhausted his strength. And I know it took his life. But cancer couldn’t dim his smile. And what a smile it was! Everything good, everything wholesome, everything pure about a man was found in Dean . But there was more — an unbreakable sense of devotion to his wife and two daughters, an unmistakable kindness for his friends and family, a brilliant mind for business, and a passion for golf. He had a personality and zeal for life that drew people to him, and they would feel connected to him immediately.

Cancer was unable to break Art’s spirit. His zest for life and fire burned brightly to the end. His confidence and unconditional love for us (Hun, Big Girl, and Lil Bit) were undimmed. He took everything colon cancer could throw at him and kept going.

He endured pain that would have hobbled the toughest young man.
He found energy and passion in the face of draining chemo treatments. He maintained a positive outlook in the bleakest of situations.

Through our heartbreak we recognize that cancer robbed the world of someone who would have continued to do great things—someone who made a such difference in all of our lives.

In the end, cancer did not beat Dean. It never stood a chance! Now let's be allies, and together we can make a difference!

In the words of Dean - " Thanks a Million!"

About our charity ~ The Colorectal Cancer Alliance, formerly the Colon Cancer Alliance. We believe colorectal cancer is a senseless killer that must be stopped. Founded in 1999 by a group of 41 survivors, caregivers, and friends, we are today the nation's leading nonprofit dedicated to colorectal cancer. We empower a nation of allies who work with us to provide genuine support for patients and families, caregivers, and survivors; to raise awareness of preventive measures; and inspire efforts to fund critical research. United in our fierce determination to dramatically impact the way society sees this devastating disease, we exist to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime.

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