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In honor of my loving mother: Aduke Fernandez AKA Sandra Inett Price

Created by Abimbola Fernandez

Aduke Fernandez AKA Sandra Inett Price

Thank you for visiting this site dedicated to raising funds for the Colon Cancer Alliance in honor of my late mother.

My mom passed to glory on the evening of May 28th 2013. She suffered greatly & had deteriorated down to skin and bones by the time of her passing. She was unaware of how gravely ill she was prior to her diagnosis. It started one evening when she collapsed and hit her head in the kitchen. This prompted her to seek medical help where she was told she had stage 4 colon cancer. If she had known earlier & sought the appropriate help, she would still be here today.

My goal is to spread awareness of this disease and let it be known that its imperative to get screened & take care of your body. I do not want others to go through what we did, watching our beloved mother die.This disease is way too common & is ruining peoples lives - not only those suffering from it but those watching their loved ones suffer.

Please donate ad memoriam of my beautiful mom & be a part of the solution.

With Love,
Abimbola Fernandez

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