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Adibeh Awad Memorial Marathon

Created by Maggie Awad

Adibeh Shawar Awad

Adibeh Awad was full of strength,energy and passion for life. She was a full time mom that dedicated her life to her children and family. Her presence in the room was always bursting with love and joy.
At the age of 32, she was informed that she had stage 4 colon cancer in 1994. She underwent a colon resection and after that time we found out the cancer had metastisized to the liver.She had gone through chemotherapy,radiation,and nutritional therapy. She fought this disease with all her might. She told the doctor one time that all she wanted was to be alive to at least see her kids grow and graduate high school. She passed away a few months after diagnosis in September of 1995. She is survived by her spouse, 7 children, and loved ones. Her memory is long and strong and will never be forgotten.

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