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In honor of Bob Biggers

Created by Danielle Cannon

Bob Biggers

In 2007 Bob went in for a colonoscopy. An overdue colonoscopy. Mom had gone with him. She called me crying, very upset saying the doctor told her Bob had cancer. I was sure she was overreacting. I mean I was sure you do biopsies and send them out to be reviewed. You don't diagnose someone with cancer during a screening while they are still asleep. She was right and I was wrong.

We were lucky. Bob had nearly seven years of amazing health, considering. There was radiation, multiple operations, countless chemo treatments and too many different drugs to count. He was a warrior and earned the nickname Super Man.

In his memory I have tried to raise some money to bring more awareness to colon cancer. It's so treatable when detected early.

So please consider donating what you can, but more importantly GET YOUR ASS SCREENED!!!

Thank you,

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