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In honor of Cindy Krausen

Created by Ashley Krausen

Cindy Krausen

Hello! This page has been setup in memory of Cindy Krausen, who lost her 6.5 year battle to colon cancer at the age of 56. Cindy loved life and never let this disease define who she was. Cindy's positive attitude was incredible, she didn't complain about the "why" she had cancer, she focused on how she would fight it. She hoped through several clinical trials that she would help find a cure. Cindy was courageous, inspirational, and most of all never lost her smile. A motto that Cindy lived by, "You can have your Pity Party, but don't stay long, and focus on something positive you can control."

Please remember Cindy as a role model who demonstrated grace and smiled during the most difficult of times. Thank you for considering making a donation to the Colon Cancer Alliance in memory of Cindy.

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