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In memory of Donna Hulme

Created by Jennifer Summers

Donna Hulme

Our mom was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer in July 2011. The doctors didn't give her an exact time frame for how long she had, but given our experience 9 years earlier with our dad's death from colon cancer (colon and rectal cancers are both covered under the umbrella term of colorectal cancer), we figured that she had about 6 months.

However, while not really wanting to go through treatment, Mom had surgery and did some chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment, combined with her sheer force of will and inspiringly stubborn nature had her continuing on, living independently, until 2 days before her death - almost 6 years later.

We were blessed to have so much time with her after her diagnosis. And we were blessed with how much treatment has improved since our dad died. We'd like to increase the odds of others living with colorectal cancer by raising money for education, research, and advocacy in our mom's memory.

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