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In honor of Edward Joseph Kammerer

Created by Jennifer Kammerer

Edward Joseph Kammerer

SOS… Sh*t on shingles. Dad made Sundays gregarious fun and loudly animated as he whipped up his famous recipe for our breakfast, served around a mega-big architectural drafting table where passed food notoriously got stopped on “dad street.” With a smile like Chevy Chase (and antics to match), our dad delivered the literal and proverbial funny farm childhood—including Pooster the Rooster and headless chicken competitions—only to be surpassed by an adolescence spent in the authentic wild west and young adulthoods with innumerable possibilities “to do this… or that… or the other thing.” His mischievous sky-blue eyes are a constant reminder of our grandparents, and blatantly revealed the nonsense he routinely instigated for us kids. We fondly recall so, so, so(!) many fishing trips, and the funny groans of protest when his Batman-quality, seemingly-bionic hearing detected us turning off the TV while he was "deeply sleeping."

Dad, you are a champion of silliness; a passionate debater; a private philanthropist (yes, we all had inklings of your charitable heart); an adventure seeker; a master of having flexible options; a dog and underdog lover… and sometimes (just sometimes!) a bit of a wise-guy. You have been an audacious husband, father, stepfather, grandfather, and friend. You will leave a legacy in your willful, compassionate, independent, and driven children (and grandchildren), as well as a palpable void among your dog park, Argosy, and hunting friends.

We love you. Lil Bits (Katy), Mooch/Mags (Marge), Lil Jo/Josie (Jen), Ed Paul (Edward Paul)

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