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In Memorium, George Stolte

Created by Christine Stolte

George Stolte

My father, George Stolte, just lost his 4 yr battle with colorectal cancer. In our grief, we have decided to turn this tragedy into an opportunity that would honor my father's sense of humanism and altruism.
In lieu of flowers for his burial, we ask that donations to Colorectal Cancer Alliance be given.

With any luck, we can help another family avoid this experience.

Thank you for all your kindness in our recent loss.

The Stolte Family

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1. RRick and Cheryl DeVleeschouwer
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6. JRJim & Lorraine Reynolds
We are so sorry for your loss. George was such a sweet man. Our prayers go out to the entire family. Love, Lorraine and Jim Reynolds
7. JMJohn McNair