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In honor of James "Jimmy" Hughes

Created by Deborah Hughes

James "Jimmy" Hughes

Jimmy was diagnosed in 2014 with Stage IV colon cancer at age 45. Well before the age of 50 when colonoscopies are recommended. Thankfully, he listened to his body and the few minor symptoms he had, he didn't ignore.

The Colorectal Alliance has been such a blessing to us as we have gleaned so much good information that helped us make better decisions regarding Jimmy's care and treatment. If we had a question, someone (often, many people) would chime in and give us sound advice.

One of our last trips was to Arizona to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance symposium in late 2016. We were treated to a first class weekend of knowledge from the best doctors, and a loving community of people who knew exactly what we were going through. This was at no cost to many of the participants. Unfortunately, Jimmy ended up in the hospital and wasn't able to enjoy most of the weekend, but the Alliance stepped up and helped me to navigate an unfamiliar city and paid our hotel bill for the extra day when we weren't able to check out on the last day of the conference. We, along with family members, were also honored to be a part of the Cincinnati Undy Run in 2016, where Jimmy gave the survivor's speech. This was one of many Undy Runs across the country that is sponsored by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to bring awareness to this disease and raise funds that go directly to help patients and also into the research arena.

Jimmy was very appreciative of this organization and asked that any donations after his death be made to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

Best - Debbie

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