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Caitlin Wade Bridge

Created by Justin Bridge

Caitlin Wade Bridge

This memorial is for Caitlin Wade Bridge

In December of 2010, Caitlin was
diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer, she was 25 years old. Caitlin endured
surgery, and 22 straight months of chemo until we lost her to the cancer on
October 1,2012. Two weeks prior to her death we were all in Lake Placid NY
at the Relay for Life, Caitlin was the top individual contributor and made
her laps to fight against this disease.

Throughout her battle she never
waivered in her faith and hope to beat it, her great smile could light up a
room and she was always always positive. She was willing to undergo any
treatment or procedure offered to her even if it was difficult for her.

We are absolutely blown away by the impact that Caitlin made on everyone
around her, the beautiful tributes that were made to her after her passing
came from far and near and from people that she had touched just by staying
positive. We will forever miss her.

Please donate to this cause, we can't afford to lose anyone else to this
awful disease

Thank you very much,

Mary Wade

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