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In loving memory of my mother Olga Fernandez!

Created by Miriam Ortiz

Ms. Olga Fernandez

Two years ago, at the age of 56 my mother succumbed to a short but rather long battle to colorectal cancer. My life has and will never be the same after having so much hope and faith in a higher power and in her medical team that she would one day beat this terrible disease at all odds. Her passing has left a big scar in my heart, one that will never heal but that I would instead learn to cope with. The roller coaster ride she and her family experienced, is one that I would NEVER want anyone, not even an enemy to experience, thus, I vowed to help find a cure for this terrible disease that has and continues to affect so many. I ask that you help me, for without your help, I will not be able to do this. It is rather an emotional yet honor for me to fight for those who have departed, survived and are desperately fighting their battle!

I would like to thank you all for your unconditional love and support during my most difficult time. May God bless each and everyone of you abundantly!

Yours truly,
Miriam Ortiz

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