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Richard Acanfrio

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Richard Acanfrio

My husband Richard was first diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that metastasized to the liver in 2010. They only gave him 5 months to live but he fought a long hard battle for 5 years. He was able to see all three of his grandchildren born, the last one 6 months before he passed away.

He inspired others to be positive and keep fighting when other family members and friends were diagnosed with cancer. He even inspired all the guys at the local mechanic shop to start having green tea parties when he heard that helped with cancer. He loved animals and was known for rescuing dogs in the neighborhood and feeding the squirrels. He loved all sports especially the Mets and the Yankees, but most days he could be found with the golf channel on.

He was a loving husband, father,grandfather and the bravest man I knew. Everybody in the neighborhood knew him because he was very friendly and always willing to help others.

He passed away on November 22, 2015. Please donate in honor of his name to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

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