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Roberta Paolone-Clark

Created by Anne Marie Miller

Roberta Francis Paolone-Clark

My sister Roberta, Bobbi to her friends was diagnosed with Stage Four Colon Cancer in March of 2009. Bobbi was an LPN at the time working at a hospital in Binghamton, NY. She was the mother of three wonderful boys and a great grandmother and a grandmother of four grandsons. Bobbi was the second child of a family of six. She had four other sisters and one brother. Bobbi was a very caring individual and went out of her way to make people happy. She fought the battle with colon cancer with great courage and strength. Even in her final days she was making jokes to the nurses. One story I remember was when one of the nurses told her that she looked a lot better then she did the day before. She was pretty blue from lack of oxygen. She just laughed and said the blue was for Colon Cancer!! She never gave up fought this battle to the end. We will miss her smiles and laughter. Rest in Peace Sister!

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