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In memory of Kenneth Butz, and to help find a cure!

Created by Heidi Butz

Kenneth Butz & to help find a CURE!

Colon cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths, and is COMPLETELY preventable. My Father died from colon cancer in 2016 and unfortunately was never screened.

I am taking the grief and depression I suffer from every day, and turning it into something positive- to raise awareness for colon cancer. In 1 year, I plan to run 1000 miles, and raise $10K for colon cancer awareness.

Please Donate. Get Screened. Look for me handing out colon cancer bracelets while I run, and follow me on my Facebook page - Run1000.

1girl. 1year. 1000miles. $10,000. End Colon Cancer.

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raised of $10,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. MCMarjorie Campbell
2. DBDana Bailey
3. HPHeather Pietsch
4. SBSara Butz
5. CHC Anne Heppberger
6. DMDonna McWhorter
7. KBKathleen Boyd
8. CCristina
Thank you for fighting this awful disease in memory of your lovely Dad xo
9. MCMarjorie Campbell
Your dad is so proud of what you are doing !
10. SHSandra Hammett
Miss my fun brother Ken BUTZ, but I know he is making the angels laugh in heaven every day. End colon cancer.
11. BPBrooke Puleo
12. CChris McCanna
13. TKTeri Kramer
Run Heidi run??
14. LHLaurie Halligan
You go girl! This is so awesome of you!! So proud to have a friend like you!
15. ASAnn Sison
Go, Heidi, go!
16. MCMary Coyle
17. jsJennifer Shanbhag
So happy to donate to a great cause.
18. NENancy Evars
What a way to honor your dad! xo
19. EZEdwin Zschau
What an inspiring effort and beautiful way to celebrate your dad's life.
20. SBSummer Brill
You are such an inspiration my friend!
21. ELElise Laina
Heidi, you are an inspiration. We were fortunate to have known Ken. Xxoo
22. LLaurie Davis
Good luck with this journey.
23. Heidi Butz