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Shave for the Strong

Created by Carly Gathje

JD Brunk

Welcome to our event page! In an effort to raise money, both Robbie and I will be shaving our heads in honor of JD. Through our efforts we are hoping to raise money for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to help them raise awareness and to support those battling this hard battle.

We see all who are facing colorectal cancer as strong. JD was strong. My grandfather is strong. But we also wanted to find a charity that helps support the family members of their loved ones going through this. Because they are also strong. So this is for JD, but this is also for Jenny, Wesley, and everyone who has been involved in fighting this battle. As always, we remain JD Strong.

Please refer to the Facebook event page for event details. You will not want to miss this! Here is the link to the event page! All are welcome to attend! facebook.com/events/205429496854672

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