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In support of Jackie Blocker Cochran & in memory of Darnell Blocker #TeamBlocker

Created by Crystal Woods


Fall of 2014 is when I first became aware of colorectal cancer.

Oct. 21, 2014, is when this dreadful disease changed my life.
Darnell Blocker, my dad, died within weeks after being diagnosed. Since then the knowledge of how this disease has & is affecting other family members is now prevalent. Our efforts is to bring awareness, support & research to the cause. This page is dedicated to our family members (survivors/fighters, caregivers & in memory of). Please show your support in ending this disease during our lifetime. March is COLORECTAL CANCER AWARENESS month, however #TeamBlocker continues to FIGHT all year long! Join Us & Thank You for your support.

#NationOfAllies #NeverTooYoung #TomorrowCantWait #TeamBlocker

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