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Created by George Demonbreum

Troysetta Demonbreum

Forever My Butterfly

A poem by Troi's niece,Naye, which perfectly depicts the character and life of Troysetta.

Released from the suffering, free of the pain
Free of Chemo and the cancer strain.
Free of the meds and the doctors over and over again,
Regardless of the pain you were in, you never once complained.
As I kissed your hand and laid beside you one last time,
All the good times couldn't help but cross my mind.
Reminiscing on all the things we've done, talks we've had
The secrets we've shared, both good and bad.
As I make my final promise to you, please believe when I say,
I promise to continue to make you proud of the woman I'm becoming each day.
I vow to take care of our family and stand strong like you,
Because I know that I have what is needed to carry this family too.
Don't worry about us, with Faith in God, we will be alright
For we will find peace in knowing that you saw the light.
TT, you know I love you and will miss you a lot.
Your wings were ready, but my heart was not.
Waking up without you is out of the norm,
But I know that you're now my Angel,in Butterfly form.

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