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Wade Hayes Colon Cancer Tribute Fund

Created by Helen E Neal

Tony Wade Hayes

Wade Battles Stage IV colon cancer

Wade Hayes, country music entertainer of exceptional talent, was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in November, 2011. The disease had spread, causing tumors in his liver as well as his colon, and cancer cells in his blood stream and lymph glands. He underwent a lengthy, complicated surgery in December. He finished his chemo treatments at the end of June, 2012. in January of 2013, more cancer cells were found. He underwent 6 more months of chemo, followed by surgery.

Wade, then as yet undiagnosed, performed at the 2010 Stars Go Blue Benefit concert in support of the Colon Cancer Alliance. He performed at the 2012 Stars Go Blue Benefit Concert at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville while he was still undergoing chemotherapy.

The doctors at the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center have told him that he has no tumors now and no markers for cancer in his blood! Amazing, miraculous news!

Wade's Singles to Benefit Colon Cancer Alliance

All of the proceeds from Wade's exceptional single, "Is It Already Time?" will go directly to the Colon Cancer Alliance. He penned the heart-felt, strongly emotional song while recovering from surgery and going through chemotherapy. He is using the message in the song to urge people to not ignore symptoms of this easily treatable cancer (if caught early). His personal mission is to help others get the medical help they need so they won't have the experiences he has endured. Following test results that showed he was cancer free, Wade morphed his doctor's advice into a song. "Go Live Your Life." It's an anthem for all survivors. A 99 cent download triggers a $1 donation to the Colon Cancer Alliance from the Genentech pharmaceutical fund.

You may download "Is It Already Time?" at iTunes for 99 Cents. See the direct link to the iTunes page below this column.

The link to "Go Live Your Life" is

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