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Alex Hancock - Friend, Brother, Son. Memorial Tribute.

Created by Austin Hancock

James Alexander Hancock

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Our friend, brother, son and colleague James Alexander Hancock began the greatest of adventures January 14, 2017. After 33 years excelling in life, he departed to explore the wonders of the universe after living with advanced, and incurable, colon cancer for almost one year.

Alex was a unique person. He surrounded himself with good people. Winners not just in life, but in the manner in which they lead their life. He cared passionately for the well-being of his friends and family. In fact, there was no distinction between them. His friends were his family and his family his friends. While we miss him, and cry, and ask why such a bright fire in our life was extinguished so quickly, we embrace our memories of him and move forward. We smile, laugh and celebrate our lives in his honor.

Please take a moment to remember Alex and all those lives, both young and old, whom we've lost to colon cancer. Please consider making a small donation to benefit not just those who are currently afflicted, but all those lives that will be touched in the future.

With Love,
Austin & Audrey

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In memory of James from the Longo Family
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Wishing Austin and Audrey a lifetime of happiness as they continue to strive to help people with their hearts of gold ?? Love, Suzanne & Glen
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What a lovely--and selfless--way to honor Alex.
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This donation is in honor of Alex and in support of Audrey & Austin who will carry his love with them and continue to raise colon cancer awareness.
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This donation is given in loving memory of our sweet, kind, wonderful nephew, Alex Hancock. You will remain in our hearts always, Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy Willingham
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Thank you for putting this together Austin. Alex was very loved!
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