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"Team AZB" in honor of Andrew Brown

Created by Melissa Lynch

Andrew Brown

Join us Aug 25th, 2019 to celebrate Andrew Brown who we miss so much! We will meet in Sandbridge, VA at Little Island Park. We will be collecting donations at the Celebration and also appreciate donations on this site as well. All donations will be given to research so more families do not need to lose love ones to this terrible disease.

Here is Andrew's story:
Andrew Brown was an amazing husband to Stephanie, the best father to Lou and Tony, a brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, son in law, 4th Grade Teacher, volleyball player and referee, a beach lover, and a HUGE Boston Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics fan. Andrew was loved by so many, brought humor into every situation, and everyone he met considered him their friend. On Sept 9th, 2012, Andrew, who was 37 years old, went to the emergency room with severe digestive pains. He had been to the doctor 3 times during that summer for pain and was given many different possibilities and diagnosis, and finally was scheduled for an appointment with a Gastro Doctor for Sept 14th. While at the ER, they found a mass in Andrew’s colon and also lesions covering his liver - Stage IV Colon Cancer. On the same day he was scheduled for the appointment, Andrew went through the surgery to remove the mass in his colon, including the large incision through his stomach. He had many complications with the large incision and couldn’t start chemo for 6 more weeks so the wound could heal. Andrew went through 4 different chemo routines, with only the 3rd chemo working with a positive CT scan. Our Oncologist worked with many hospitals, reviewing Clinical trials as well. Stephanie and Andrew spent time from diagnosis to Andrew passing away 11 months later, with daily changes and heart breaking news. The nurses and doctors in Princess Anne Hospital and VA Beach General Hospital became family to us and they all loved Andrew very much. When Andrew was diagnosed, Lou was only 4 and Tony was 2. There were many nights that Andrew, Stephanie, and the boys were eating family dinners in the hospital using the nurse’s break room and certainly many times the boys were running the hallways of the 2 South Oncology floor. The staff couldn’t have been more caring and supportive, you could tell there hearts were breaking too.

Andrew has a large family and extended family, so the visits were daily and often whether he was at home or in the hospital. Andrew was also adored and supported by his Va Beach School System family. They created “Team AZB” and emotionally and financially supported Andrew and Stephanie in many ways. We can’t believe Andrew has gone to be with God in heaven and wish that no other family and community ever goes through the pain we have. Andrew passed away on Aug 27th, 2013. He had just come home the night before and he was surrounded by his family, with Stephanie singing over him. Andrew was a Christian and we know he is with Jesus in heaven, but we miss him very much. Its our job to make sure Lou and Tony hear all the great stories about their daddy and also to make sure as many people know about Colon Cancer Awareness as possible.

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How lucky are we to have someone that made saying goodbye so hard, and in hopes that fewer families have to go through what ours did. It wasn't a goodbye it's a see you later ??
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To Team AZB from SAMSTRONG! ????????????
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We think of Andrew often and wish he was still with us.
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