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In memory of Robert "Big Bob" Holland

Created by Robin Kemnow

Robert "Big Bob" Holland

There are some people you come across in this world that effect you more than other. "Big Bob" Holland was one of those people. I first knew of Big Bob since I was a child, as he grew up and was best friends with my cousins. Later in life, Big Bob met my sister, fell in love, and got married. I can say it was quite a ride having "Big Bob" as my brother-in-law. Though we did not always see eye to eye, he had this charm and charisma that was magnetic and you had no choice but to be part of his world. I can say I was not the only one Big Bob effected. There are countless friends and family members that were drawn to him as well. Always up for having a good time, love of his family and friends, and being the life of any type of event. It seems odd to have to summarize Big Bob in such few words, because I could tell you stories about him for days. All that I can say, is that he was one of a kind and very much loved by many.

Fast forward to early 2015...our world changed in an instant. Big Bob was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer. Throughout Big Bob's treatment, despite the fact if the news was bad, he remained a warrior, never giving up the fight for his life. Big Bob fought until he lost his battle in August 2016, where he was surrounded by family and friends....

I have to say, the world isn't the same without him. He is missed by many, especially his wife Beth.

Some days it is still hard to comprehend that he is gone. We cry, scream, and fall into a comma like state trying to deal with his passing. But.....I know Big Bob, he's most likely up there yelling at us all to celebrate his life, not mourn his passing. So that's just what we plan to do in his honor. I will be hosting the 1st Annual "Kiss My Ass Cancer" memorial run in Big Bob's honor.

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