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In honor of David Soto

Created by Jessica Wunsch

David Soto

Thanks for visiting this page! Our beloved Papa Soto lost his battle with rectal cancer on November 3, 2017 after battling the disease for a short 5 months. He fought like hell, and laughed his way through the journey, as we all knew he would, but unfortunately the disease went undetected for some time and did not allow him to survive as long as we all had hoped. He lived his best life, filled with amazing memories, trips, barbecues, jokes and surrounded by loving friends and family.

This donation page was created to support the efforts of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in raising awareness of preventive measures. The Colorectal Alliance provides support for patients, caregivers, and survivors; and inspires the efforts that fund critical research— all to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime. To date, more than 800,000 people have turned to the Alliance.

We thank you for honoring Papa Soto's memory, and although he may be gone, he will never be forgotten!


- The Soto Fam

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