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Kathryn Anne Ruble Memorial Fund

Created by Tim Ruble

Kathryn Anne Ruble

After a long battle with colon cancer, Kathy (Greer) Ruble went to be with Our Lord on Monday, March 13th, 2017. Her beloved family was by her side.
Kathy was a 1985 graduate of Conroe High School. She continued her education at the National Education Center, completing an Associate's Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology in 1988. She worked installing satellite equipment on offshore oil rigs and as a contractor for NASA, where she calibrated instruments used in space shuttle missions. Along with her then husband Darrell DeFalco, she raised her three children while she worked and continued her education.
In 2010, she married her present husband, the "Love" of her life Tim Ruble. They met and worked together at Weatherford Laboratories, where Kathy was a laboratory technician.
Her interests were gardening, cooking, decorating, photography and most of all traveling with her dearly loved husband Tim to fun and unique destinations.
Kathy's heart was big enough to hold a special place for all those she met and loved. Her beautiful smile will continue to brighten the night time sky and heaven above.
She leaves her loving memories to be cherished by her soulmate and devoted husband, Tim. Her adoring parents MaryAnne & Tom Greer. Her children, the pride of her life, Kristen, Samual & Rachelena DeFalco, along with three grandchildren Kaylie, Kimberly & Kinley. Her loving in-laws Sharon & Robert Ruble. Many Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Kathy was preceded in death by her cherished sister, Debi Greer.

From Rachelena DeFalco:

I'm so happy to be seeing so many friends and family gathered here for my mother. She was a part of all of our lives and she's brought us together today and I'm so thankful to be here with y'all. And I just want to thank everyone who has been a part of this, it means a lot.
After talking with my siblings, I am very honored to be speaking on behalf of them. These are not just my thoughts they are theirs as well.
Bear with me because this isn't easy for me to do, but if you cry or if I cry we'll know these are tears of joy.
Because we are here to celebrate her life.
My mother left behind many lessons and many memories. And I feel so blessed and honored to carry them with me in my own life.
During her last days with us Tim had found a quote from Dr. Seuss that says: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
And that is very much my mother's spirit.
She had an optimistic outlook on life.
And a part of her carries on through us all.
I see her in myself when it comes to being adventurous and curious minded,
she always loved trying new things and traveling.
I see her in my brother with his big loving heart for others and his love for Christ.
As she would say...
"the c in Christ is bigger than the c in cancer"
And I see her in my older sister with the way she cares for her little ones,
she's always there for them and supports them just like mom did with us.
Our mother was tough, and we were thick.
We learned the hard way.
Some of us more than the other at times,
and she knew we were and we could laugh about it.
We were all able to have an adult relationship with her.

And I think she was content knowing that she got through to us at the end,
That she had instilled a special part of her wisdom in our own lives.
We'll miss her smile and laughter during times of celebration
and we'll miss her comfort through our hardest days.

Lastly, we want to thank our grandparents for raising such a kind loving hearted daughter. We wouldn't have had her as a mother if it wasn't for y'all.
And we are so proud to get to carry a piece of her in us.
She will always be with us and within us.

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