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I'm Donating to the Colon Cancer Alliance for My Birthday

Created by Kimberly Kroha

Kimberly Kroha's Birthday

Hello Friends,

I have been feeling a bit down this birthday. I will be the exact age my daddy was when he passed away from colon cancer. Living older than your parents makes you more aware of your own mortality. So, as I normally do when I'm down, I try to make a difference in another way.

I have been looking for a charity to honor this year. I looked at several, and wanted one that was both personal to me and my friends could benefit from a tax deduction (always a tax pro first!)

Colon cancer prevention is very important to me. My dad died from this dignity robbing disease. In addition, I have lost several aunts & uncles (his sisters and brothers). My grandfather on my mother's side also had colon complications. I have been genetically tested and I also carry the markers for colon cancer. I have been screened twice, just to be on the safe side.

In addition to raising money, I will try to educate people on this disease. Colon cancer is one of the top three cancer killers in the US. It is also 90% curable if discovered EARLY. If you are 50 or older, you need to be screened. Earlier than that if it runs in your family like mine does.

My fund raiser is to honor my Daddy, my grandfather, my aunts and uncles, and anyone else fighting this, especially the metastatic kind.

Please get screened. If my dad had been screened early, he would likely have caught it. He worked every day of his life and could not afford, nor had healthcare available at his job. This is why I'm psycho Democratic about healthcare. (sorry. not sorry) I lived it and saw what happens.

On an ending note. Do what you can.
Donate. Pray. Educate Yourself.

OXOX Blessings


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