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In honor of Maylashia Lumpkin

Created by Kaley Huston

Maylashia Lumpkin

Maylashia "Lacey" Lumpkin, 25, of Richmond, Va., passed away June 18, 2019, after a short and courageous battle with cancer. She was in the midst of pursuing a master's degree at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in City & Regional Planning when her illness caused an abrupt halt to her education process. She is deeply loved and missed every day by those who were lucky enough to have known her. She has most often been described as "radiant" and, if you were to catch her smile, it would be impossible to not arrive at this word.

Lacey was diagnosed with colon cancer in December of 2017. Following her diagnosis, many communities rallied behind her and organized a robust network of support - accompanying her to every chemotherapy session, preparing meals, FaceTiming or calling her, sending her memes or funny videos, and mentoring her at school and work in her role as a Development & Infrastructure Fellow at the Triangle J Council of Governments.

Before she passed, Lacey identified the Colorectal Alliance as an organization that she might want people to support in her honor, particularly, any groups funding research or resources for young people. With the holiday season upon us, it provides us the opportunity to give to causes and organizations such as this and remember loved ones who are no longer with us.

Thank you for visiting this page and reading these words. Any donation, thought, or prayer given in Lacey's name is incredibly meaningful, to all of us.

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