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Mary Flag Golf Outing

Created by Timothy Daly

Mary Fran Daly

October 11th, 2019

As many of you know, my Mother, Mary Fran, passed away 8 years ago in March of 2011. On October 10th, 2019, she would have turned 72. Although her physical presence is not with us, her spirit lives on in her large Irish family and many amazing friends. She represents everything that is good in this world; humility, strength, grace, love, laughter, and an uncanny ability to listen. She played therapist to anyone that ever wanted to talk. And she did it well.

In honor of Mary Fran and her life well-led, we hosted the first Mary Flag Golf Outing in Mamaroneck, NY. Her family and friends gathered to remember the joy she brought to so many people. Given her 14 year battle with cancer, I'd like to ask for your support of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. This is an amazing organization dedicated to educating millions of people about colon cancer each year and increasing early screenings and survivorship. Colon Cancer is in the top 3 of cancer deaths but is also one of the most preventable. You can find out more about the Colon Cancer Alliance as well as other ways you can show your support through the links on this page.

There's Something About Mary

My mom is the greatest person I have ever known. She was filled with joy and love, even when life dealt her some pretty bad cards. She taught my siblings & me, how to accept the cards you're dealt, keep playing, and never fold. She taught us that no matter what, family, friends & faith always get you through the tough times, and you're never alone. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in 1997. It is a testament to her unending courage and spirit that she continued to smile, laugh, and enjoy life for 14 more years.

My mother lived a life filled with strength, love, loyalty, friendship, passion, patience, grace, and dignity.

Strength because she battled life’s challenges with laughter & determination and never gave up.

Love because she cared for everyone and anyone she met..from the mailman to the doctors that took such good care of her…and most especially, my father.

Loyalty to everyone she met in the many places we lived, even if she hadn’t seen them in years. She made everyone she met feel comfortable and special.

Passion for adventure and helping others. This passion led her to volunteer as a nurse in the Vietnam War.

Patience for having 6 kids. This could be considered a small company in some countries and may even be illegal in certain regions. My siblings and I certainly tested that patience on more than one occasion.

Grace for the way she handled herself so elegantly in all situations and for always seeing the good in people.

Dignity for the way she embraced her final days with courage and acceptance.

My mother’s spirit lives on in each of our smiles, laughter, hugs, and kisses. She is an angel in heaven and was an angel on earth. We miss you mom and think of you all the time.

To conclude, a favorite phrase my mom used to say
-“When life hands you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade. When life hands me lemons, I’ll stick them in my bra.”

I think that’s a great approach to life, don’t you?

My tributes fund will help the Colon Cancer Alliance in their mission to end this preventable disease.

Thank you for all of your support.



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