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Max Bracero Crabbing for Cancer Memorial Fundraiser

Created by Nilda Bracero

Max Bracero

Thank You to all of our family & friends that came out on Wednesday 8/29/12 to spend the day celebrating our dad's life!

The 8/29 Max Bracero Memorial fundraiser & 7/28 Undy Walk raised a total of $5345!
The money raised will go directly to the CCA Blue Note Fund!

Together we will make a difference in the battle to fight colon cancer!!

The Max Bracero Memorial Fund raised $1,575 for the 7/28/12 Undy Walk at Long Branch & the Max Bracero Crabbing for Cancer Memorial Fundraiser raised $3770 at the 8/29/12 at Pier 13 & Pier 14 in Hoboken

We spent the day doing our dad’s favorite things on a hot summer day; crabbing, listening to salsa music, playing dominoes and hanging out with family & friends in his favorite spot - the Hoboken Piers!

The last time our dad enjoyed a full day of crabbing was on 8/29/10 and he passed away on 8/29/11.

We had various fundraising raffles & 100% of the funds raised will go directly to the Colon Cancer Alliance in the name of our dad, Max Bracero.

Thank you for supporting our efforts by attending the event and making a donation. Your generosity will help the Colon Cancer Alliance’s mission of battling colorectal cancer through patient support and education, increasing screening and public awareness of the disease, advocacy and supporting research for a cure.

You can make a donation on this page by simply clicking on "make a donation"

If you have any questions about at our events please email nilbracero@yahoo.com

Sincerely, the Max Bracero Family!

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