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In honor of Luella Clark

Created by Pearl Clark

Luella Clark

Thank you for visiting. My grandma passed away on October 7th after a short battle with colon cancer. She was a tremendous influence on everyone that knew her. She was kind, loving, stubborn, talkative, and funny. She was a wonderful great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and friend. We will miss her always.

Her birthday was October 12th. In honor of her birthday and her loss, I am raising money for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. Anything can help someone else not have to go through what my grandma went through.


Just to update everyone, the Facebook fundraiser ended with $295 raised for the CC Alliance. That means $415 total was raised in honor of my grandma. Thank you to everyone that donated. It means a lot to me and would have meant a lot to her.


Between here and Facebook we raised $250 within 24 hours. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated.



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