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In honor of Peg Myrick

Created by The Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Peg Myrick

Peg was a dear friend of so many in the colorectal cancer community. She was a member of The Alliance's Never Too Young board and an amazing ally to so many people. Peg touched the hearts and lives of everyone she met with her radiant smile and upbeat personality. She worked tirelessly to educate as many as she could that you are never too young for colorectal cancer.

Every person lost to this disease is a tragedy, yet some we come to know more than others. Peg's zest for life will continue to live on in those she knew and loved and we will continue to work every day to getting closer to ending this disease in our lifetime.

In Peg's words, "It's not how long you live, it's how you live your life each day."

We love you, Peg!

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