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Pennies For Norm

Created by Jonathan Harder

Norman A Harder Jr

I have decided to open up this fund page in memory of my father, Norman A. Harder, Jr. In the summer of 2011, our family found out that my father had colorectal cancer. In a 2 1/2 year span, my father went through three major surgeries to attempt and overcome this disease. A monster of a man at 6'7, 325 at his biggest, watching him struggle and suffer was incredibly painful for not only me, but my mother and two younger brothers. Despite everything in his power to overcome and live to provide for his family, my father ultimately passed away at the age of 57.

My father was a prideful man. Growing up in Queens and moving to South River in July of 1991, Big Norm always had an independent spirit. He did things HIS way. A lifelong Mets and pro wrestling fan, my father found a way to truly inspire his three boys, whether he realized it or not, whether it was through his views, demeanor, or genuine love of comedy. His unique personality was one of a kind and can never be replaced. Dad was a great man.

It was a few months ago, prior to my father's passing, that I wanted to do something to help make people aware of this deadly disease. Colon cancer is 100% preventable; yet once attained, it is incredibly difficult to overcome. I wanted to help spread the word. That is when I came across the Colon Cancer Alliance.

After reading this website and talking to Nicole, the fantastic fundraising director, I knew what the next step was. This was it. I want to raise money in my father's name. Also, it would catch two-fold as I would be able to do this as a local fundraiser as well. I would call it the "Pennies for Norm". But why?

As per my press release on the Pennies for Norm at http://bit.ly/PenniesForNorm:

"Growing up, I always witnessed cups upon cups filled of pennies that my father had carried throughout the years in his pockets. Ultimately, both my mother and father wrapped all of them up and cashed them in. Time after time, the cups would be filled sooner-than-later and the process would repeat itself. Unbeknownst to my parents, I always found it quietly hilarious. However, I found myself falling into those little quirks that were similar to my father.

But instead of cashing out for my own personal benefit, why not put it towards something personal and for a better cause? Thus, this leads to the creation behind the "Pennies for Norm" campaign.

The "Pennies for Norm" is a simple cause: to collect a mass amount of pennies, as well as nickels, dimes, and quarters (for prosperity's sake), at different sporting and wrestling events, and donate EVERY cent to the Colon Cancer Alliance."

Thanks to the CCA, I can now have the ability to fundraise online. This is an incredible opportunity to help bring awareness to colon cancer and how to prevent it.

This is for my Dad. This is for everyone's Dad. This is help spread the word on colon cancer and to raise funds for future research on this disease. If this fundraiser helps ONE person become more aware and saved from the vicious disease, it would have been well worth it. The Pennies For Norm. Help spread the word. I just hope this does my Dad justice.

Dad, this is for you. I love you.

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Hope this helps Jon! You are a great friend and that's because you must have had a great dad!
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Happy birthday Dad. Miss and love you.
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