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In memory of Will Strouse

Created by Michael Manzo

Will Strouse was a loving husband, son, brother, uncle, family member, and great friend to so many people. Last December at just 34 years old, Will was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. After a hard-fought battle, Will unfortunately succumbed to this disease on October 7th 2017, less than one year from his diagnosis. Throughout this struggle Will maintained a positive attitude, faith in God, and a sense of humor that was nothing short of inspirational, as was the support and strength that Will’s amazing wife Brittany provided throughout this entire process.

As we are forced to say goodbye to our loved one, Will’s memory and legacy will live on in the many of us whose lives he’s touched. One way to pay tribute to Will’s legacy and honor his struggle in a way that we know he would be proud of is by raising awareness to help save a life through early detection of colon cancer. Colon cancer is experiencing a dramatic rise in young people (under 55 years old), but sadly the cause is largely unknown. Because testing isn’t yet recommended at earlier ages, detection is often in later stages, which are much harder to treat, as was the case with Will. Short of a cure, raising awareness of the possible signs of colon cancer and knowing the risk factors is probably the best way we can proactively combat this disease in the meantime.

Please take this opportunity to learn more about a problem that is increasingly impacting segments of our society for reasons the medical community cannot yet figure out. Donations in Will’s name via this website are greatly appreciated and will go towards research and awareness efforts, but donations aside, please take the time to educate yourself about colon cancer and what we can do to prevent it, fight it, and defeat it. There are numerous articles and studies available online, including through this site, that offer a variety of resources, statistics, risk factors, and symptoms, as well as the inspiring stories of those who suffer from this horrible disease.

Links to Colon Cancer Articles:

Finally, since this page was created in Will's honor, I'd like to let his own words serve as an introduction to the struggle that he and Brittany have faced since his diagnosis, taken from the 1st edition of Will’s periodic “Colon Cancer Chronicles.”

March 8th, 2017:

This past December, as a result of some abdominal discomfort I took a rare trip to the doctor. After a week of probiotics, then a week of antibiotics, a CT scan revealed the worst of potential causes. Cancer started in the colon, but we did not catch it early, and it had already spread to the liver, lungs, abdomen, and possibly bone.

After additional scans and a biopsy at Dana Farber in Boston, we've been receiving treatment at the UVM Medical Center in Vermont. We have a significant team assembled in Boston and Burlington (oncologists, surgeons, nurses, a dietitian, an herbalist) to help us battle on all fronts.

I believe the most significant and impactful action you can take is prayer. Those of you lapsed Catholics - here's your reason to stop in for a visit. Those of other another faith, your thoughts and prayers are certainly still greatly appreciated. I ask that you also keep Brittany in your prayers; there's a lot of work to be done and much of the burden falls on her shoulders.

The gift of faith has made this time significantly easier to endure. I am very thankful for good mental health. I am thankful for tolerance of treatment. I am thankful for remarkable support from everyone near and far. I am thankful to those of you I have been able to visit with; and look forward to seeing more friends and family in the days and months ahead. I am thankful to those who have sent along notes in the past weeks, and my apologies if I didn't send a direct response, but be assured your messages have been received and are greatly appreciated.

More to come -

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1. jMJoanne Mullaney
Brittany, Connie, Rick, Kristen and Lauren, Brittany, thank you for sharing Will with me, in both Portsmouth (in the earlier days) and at the concert. I saw firsthand what a very special person he was. I will forever be touched. I pray for you all each and everyday. xoxo All our love, Joanne and Bob
2. PNPeter And Kathy Nowlan
3. MEMarci Eggers
4. MPMichaela Page
5. AKAndrea Kenney
I would like to help with ongoing and future treatment for colon cancer in William's name. Andy Kenney
6. SCSean Courtney
7. SLSusan & Mr. John Louchheim
8. HBHannah Bevins
9. MVMegan Viens
10. TGTimberlane Dental Group
We at Timberlane Dental Group were saddened to hear of the loss, and we hope you find comfort in your many happy memories at this time.
11. RFRay And Laurel Tanguay And Family
12. LLindsey and David Huddle
Deepest sympathy to Brittany and the whole Strouse family. Will was a remarkable young man, and his death is felt far and wide. His service was truly beautiful, and very inspiring. Blessings to you all. Lindsey and David Huddle
13. EGErin Gleason
14. AAnonymous
15. MZMary Zatina
Sending you strength to help you cope with the loss of Will
16. EFEarl Furfine
I will miss Will tremendously. He was an important part of Cardinal Technologies and a good friend. My thoughts are with all of you. -Earl
17. RBRebecca Balkin
18. JNJohn Nichols
19. TThe Bilich Family
20. CCCaroline Catalano
21. NPNickos Papageorge
22. BPBetsy Perna
23. JSJillian Sheehan
24. DBDavid Bond
From Strouse & Bond, with great sadness.
25. BBBenjamin Barron
26. TThe Gaito Family
27. CJCynthia Jarrin
Thank you for always brightening our days with your infectious smile and laugh. We will forever cherish our memories of Will and strive to live a life full of joy and positivism as Will did. -Cindy & John
28. OOn behalf of Alex Razzook
29. MQMaura Quinn
30. EHEvan Hathaway
We will keep your loving, generous spirit alive buddy. You will always be with us and in our hearts and memories.
31. KCKevin Canavan
32. MBMeghan Butler
33. KKaty Farnham & Rita Markley
Currys and Strouses, we are so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful comfort you are for each other throughout this tragic chapter. Will's faith and love are an inspiration, and his death is reminds us about blessings and gratitude. The Markleys are with you in our hearts and thoughts.
34. AA M Fletcher
Proud to call you my friend Will Strouse.
35. EErin & Heidi Moreau
36. SBShawn Bonneau
37. SSarah & Mike Sciortino
38. JLJill Lowrey
In memory of Will - someone I never met, but whom I knew through Lauren's love of him and Brittany.
39. DDan & Karen Poulin
40. HHeidi Hansen and Daniel Weise
41. CMConstance Martin
42. DSDonia Shirley-Douglas
43. SSarah & Michael Carpenter
44. PPatrick
45. RBRobbie Bovino
46. CCindy Mackin
47. MCMary Christian
To stop this terrible disease and the loss of brilliant people like Will.
48. CRCynthia Robinson
Will and I went to college together. He was a really truly wonderful person. I am so incredibly saddened to hear of his tragic passing. My thoughts and prayers to his wife and family.
49. GBGreer Budge
50. SSScott Sturycz
51. pcPeter Chepucavage
52. MHMary Heyer
53. MOMarianne Odell
54. TThe Byers Family
55. OOld Glory (Hockey Team)
56. CChris & Susan Connolly
57. WGWilliam Goodliffe
58. TBTarrah Beebe
Will was an amazing guy, so full of energy and life. He will be missed but that positivity will live on in all of us. Thank you for the opportunity to support this cause in his honor. Much love ??
59. EEllina Heitkamp and Benjamin Conlon
60. KKriston Families
In loving memory of our wonderful friend, Will Strouse, from the David, Matthew , Michael, and Charlie Kriston Families
61. MMargy Sahinkaya
62. AAndrea and Dan Fenton
63. WDWilliam DeLancey
64. ATAriana Tantillo
65. CPChris Palmadesso
To the memory of a dear friend and a great hockey player. We will miss you will strouse
66. BFBarbara Fienman
Sorry for your family's loss.
67. WTWilliam Torres
69. RRob and Nicole Vetere
70. GGeoff Gaida
71. MAMatthew Ash
72. CMCarrie Myatt
73. SSusan McCarthy
It seems impossible you are gone! I will love you and miss you forever. We'll keep raising money in your memory to put an end to this horrible disease.
74. CTChristopher Terrien
75. BBritt & Bryant Welch
We love you Will and we'll miss you forever! We'll think of you every time we hit the ice and have a big gathering as you were larger than life!
76. TWTimothy Woodcock
To Will and Brittany - my deepest and most heartfelt condolences.
77. MMatt Giuffre
78. MMeghan (Joyce) Stellman, CUA 05
My thoughts and prayers go to Will's wife and his family.
79. RZRachel Zaentz
80. MKMarc Kroopneck
81. TThe Rubis Family
82. JGJack Gocke
God Bless Will and Brittany.
83. BNBrendan Nardozzi
84. WKWilliam Kell
So sad to hear this news. You were a great guy and a great teammate. My thoughts and sincere condolences to the Strouse family and friends.
85. AGAndrew Gamm
86. KKaren and Felton Jenkins
87. TThe Doctors and Staff of Champlain Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
88. KIKevin Igo
Lauren and Kevin
89. DBDavid Berry
In honor of a great man who is missed by all.
90. BBrian and Lori Kasupski
91. RRoseanne Withycombe
92. KKat Christian
Will - I love and miss you....the world was a better, more joyous place with you in it. I will hold on tightly to the memories we have. Brittany - All of my thoughts and prayers are with you. xoxo
93. SBSara Bostwick
94. DBDonald Bellisario
95. SPSharon Phelan
96. CBCommunity Bank Trust Services
Carleen Tufo
97. MMike & Amy
98. UUncle Don
Will and Brittany, Love you both! Uncle Don
99. PMPeter Manzo
100. HHelen (Houff) and Justin Doughty
Fight the good fight, Will! Sending prayers your way!
101. PSPhilip Simon
102. AAmanda and Ben Marcus
103. MMarc & Deb
104. LLove from Chip and Mary
105. JJeffrey Hutchinson
106. MBMarion Bradley
107. CIConstance Isabelle
You are such an incredible couple. We love you so much! God Bless. Rick & Connie
108. EHElise Hu Stiles
109. RCRuth Chiappinelli
110. CConnolly family
111. KHKathleen Heyer
112. EErin Heyer
113. KEKelli Ellis
114. AMAndrew Melnick
115. AFAleshia Fife
116. AFAnthony M Fletcher
117. MRMaureen Renna
Sending prayers and good thoughts your way! -Maureen & Charlie ( Trisha's Aunt & Uncle)
118. TThad Ozyck
119. MMMichael McNeil
120. NNick and Kristin Messina
Fuck cancer. We love you guys.
121. BBern & Crystal Isabelle
Will & Britt, We love you guys and are praying for God's all powerful healing. Have faith and keep fighting because you will beat this sudden storm in your life. Bern & Crystal
122. EBElizabeth Barsom
123. BBarsom Family
124. jBJohn Burwell
For the cause.
125. MSMichael Stober
126. JJoe and Debby Heyer
127. BEBrendon Eckhoff
Keep on fighting. Praying for you guys, Brendon & Laura
128. RTRichard Thorne
129. AMAshley Mitchell
130. MLMartin Locraft
131. NPNan Patrick
132. TThe Kay family
133. PPaul Sabella
134. NKNicholas Kahl
135. MHMichael Howenstine
Thoughts and prayers sent to all - keep fighting!!!!
136. PPete and Nicole Antil
137. SCSarah Curry
138. AAunt Liz
139. AAllison and Ryan Keeley
Love you Will, Britt, and Bentley!
140. BBill & Sandy Coady
May God be with you always.
141. TMTodd Malan
142. CChristina & Dave McPhillips
Love ya guys. Thinking of you.
143. KKareem & Veronica
144. KKearney & Company
145. EREric Roncone
146. SMSusan McCarthy
147. MMichael and Marchelle Leonard
148. MMatt and Betsy Rogers
149. TCTanner Chase
150. WWill Torres
Thinking of you often
151. TTrish OConnor
152. KCKatharine Christian
153. SSean Muldowney and a Theresa Squitieri
154. LGLiza Geduldig
Love Always - Liza xoxo
155. LLindsey & Chrissy Callahan
Will & Britt - thinking of you always. Keep up the fight! Love you guys. Xoxox
156. AAndie Kelly
157. JBJosh Brown
158. DODavid O'Sullivan
159. BBrenda Isabelle
Love you, Will & Brittany!
160. CChris Skarka
161. DDusty and Lindsey
162. KHKathleen Hutchinson
We love you Will!!
163. TThe Eattock Family
164. CGCarly Garrison
165. BHBora Haik
166. ANAmy Ngai
167. CWCraig Wolfer
168. SSarah B.
Love you, Will!
169. MMarty and Lynn
170. TTom Heyer
171. LILauren Isabelle
172. NRNina Rodriguez
173. GFGarrett Fishman
174. JJess, Pat & Brynn Ross
Proud to donate to such a worthy cause on behalf of an amazing man and friend. We love you Will. Keep fighting.
175. JJulie & Danny
176. RWRoseanne Withycombe
177. Michael Manzo