My name is Dianne Braley, I have 2 students that graduated from OP and one that is Junior this year. I was an involved parent with the Athletic Booster Club at OP and was active with my kids and their busy schedules. In May 2017, I went to the doctor’s for a routine checkup because I had reached the age of 50 and it was recommended to have a colonoscopy – this is when insurance would pay for procedure. I had heard many stories about how unpleasant it was, but it was time to go. I had no symptoms, nothing was bothering me. So when the doctor called to tell me we needed to meet – I was immediately worried. My world changed on that day, that was day that I was told I had cancer. I had a tumor that grew to the outside of my colon which is why I did not have any symptoms and was told that this disease can go unnoticed for several years. The American Cancer society has now come out with new guidelines for colonoscopies at age 45, this would have played a significant role in my disease, as mine had spread to other parts of my body. PLEASE encourage everyone to get checked and to be as healthy and happy as possible – a good, positive attitude goes a long way in the health and well-being of each of us. To LIFE!