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Sunday| April 8th | 2018

South Hills Country Club | Pittsburgh

Together, we can end colon cancer once and for all. Your donation supports our mission and five-year strategic plan to invest $10 million in research, save 100,000 lives through increased screening and double the number of patients and families we serve.

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$50.00 MMs A Gross
We make this donation in honor of Ann Gross whose daughter Sherrie is fighting colon cancer today.
$30.00 BOBillie Oliver
$40.00 CCCatherine Columbus
$70.00 SCSusan Cowher
$50.00 B2Brewed 2 Burn LLC
$40.00 GAGail Anwyll
$149.70 I&Ice & Elegance
$100.00 EYEva Yarsky
$25.00 SSSusan Stafura
$50.00 JMJudy Morally