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Shake A Leg for Greg

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Shake a Leg for Greg Undy Team Page 2019

Welcome to our team fundraising page, named in honor of our son Greg Altomari.
Last year marked the 10th Anniversary of the Denver Undy. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Greg’s passing from Colorectal Cancer. So much has happened during the years marking those 10 year milestones.

The Denver Undy Run/Walk has attracted over 10,000 participants, raised almost $1.5 million for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, which has had a major impact on countless lives including patients, survivors, caregivers and families of lost loved ones.

And Greg’s legacy has grown as there are now 4 namesakes; Tobin Gregory Pratt, James Gregory Nguyen, Mac Gregory Householder, and our grandson, Wiley Gregory Altomari. In addition there is a 16 year old young woman in Tanzania whom we adopted in 2010 largely because her name is Levina Gregory Stefano!

Through all these years as we have become passionate volunteers and advocates in the fight against Colorectal Cancer, our family and friends, and so many of Greg’s dear friends have supported our efforts by being members of our team at each year’s Undy event.

It’s so important to remember why we do this. The mission is simple To Wipe out Colorectal Cancer in our Lifetime”…..which is absolutely possible!! Colorectal Cancer, unlike most forms of cancer is Preventable, Treatable and Beatable in over 90% of cases when detected early through screening.

So, we invite you once again to join us. On June 22nd, 2019, at City Park, we will be participating as a team in the Denver Undy Run/Walk! Funds raised will support research, raise awareness, pay for screenings for the underserved, provide patient navigation, and a host of other initiatives that will save lives.

Please support our team in the Denver Undy Run/Walk with a tax-deductible donation, and/or, come join us at the event and Shake a Leg for Greg!!

Thank you so much, John and Annlouise Altomari


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