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HomeServe USA Jeans Pass Donation Drive

Timothy Redd

Timothy Redd

It’s time to earn your May and June jeans passes and support another worthy organization. This time, we’re pleased to lend our support to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a non-profit organization that provides support services, raises awareness of preventive measures, and inspires efforts to fund critical research.

You can make a one-time donation of $50 for both May and June, or make one $25 donation each month for your jeans pass.

When completing the online donation form, please remember to include your first name, last name and HomeServe email address in addition to any other required information. Please do not make an anonymous donation.

As always, HomeServe will match the donations our People make on our donation site by June 30, 2018.

This donation site is intended only for employees of HomeServe USA.


raised of $100 goal

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