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Welcome to Carl E. Reid's Fundraiser Page

Carl E Reid, CSI

Carl E Reid, CSI

Why I Run

Colon cancer survivor Michele Young Battista is my extended family sister. Michele's death-defying journey gave me, my wife Phyllis and many of Michele's family/friends quite a scare. Michele's life threatening journey was also a WAKE-UP call about being screened regularly for Colorectal Cancer.

For the 2nd time (see my 2017 video finish below) I am running the Jersey Shore Undy 5K RunWalk on July 14, 2018 at Great Lawn at Pier Village, in honor of Michele and all colorectal cancer survivors.

Your support helps make it worthwhile for me to get up when it's dark early in the morning on July 14, drive almost 2 hours one way (80+ miles) Run a 5K in my underwear and drive 2 hours back home to raise funds that are used to PREVENT COLORECTAL CANCER AND SAVE LIVES. Your donation allows you to be my #1 cheerleader from the comfort of your home couch. Any amount of financial support and cheering is much appreciated to inspire me finishing the 5K Undy Run :-)

THANK YOU for supporting my 5K Undy Run with your tax-deductible donation. Whether you're able to donate or not, please click the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email buttons on the right to SHARE my fundraiser with your communities. YOU ARE AWESOME because SHARING is CARING!!!

Being a helpless spectator in receiving Michele's inspiring email updates with her "I HAD CANCER, IT NEVER HAD ME" attitude, here are some things I learned about Colorectal Cancer:
1. It's the #2 leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States
2. Michele was that 1 in 20 people diagnosed with colon cancer
3. It is one of the most preventable cancers
4. Michele and I are NOT that 1 in 3 people between the age of 50 and 75 that are behind on their screenings.

For more information on the Undy Run/Walk, please visit or the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's website at

Thanks for visiting my Undy Run/Walk page!

Carl E. Reid
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