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June’s Forget Menots

June’s Forget Menots

Why We Run

I am participating in the Portland Undy RunWalk on June 15, 2019 at Willamette Park.

Please support my involvement in the Undy RunWalk with a tax-deductible donation. Your support will help us prevent colorectal cancer and save lives.

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June's forget-me-nots are going to do fundraising differently this year! We will be running a raffle within our own team! You will have plenty of ways to earn raffle tickets to go into the lucky pot! For every $25 you get donated to our team you get one raffle ticket! For every new member you get to join our team you get a raffle ticket! This drawing is within our team only it will be take place the night before our run! My ultimate goal is to reach team capacity of 50 Runners / walkers! This challenge starts from the moment you become a team member of June's forget-me-nots! This is June's forget-me-nots 4th year in the running and we want to make waves and continue on to the Future!


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